Mount Saint Catherine dominates the skyline of volcanic Grenada, farthest south of the Windward Isles of the Lesser Antilles. The peak is one of three which runs the length of the island (21 miles north to south) and stands at 2,757 feet. Rich green forests and verdant shrubbery covers the slopes of the mountains. All shores but the westernmost are rife with shallow coves guarded by treacherous reefs.

Grenada was settled by the French Governor of Martinique in 1650 and the island is administered from Martinique. The majority of the inhabitants are second generation colonists and slaves, with slaves out-numbering settlers three to one.

The population is divided amongst a number of plantations which farm and grow spices. Fresh water bubbles from springs in the mountainsides and the spices grown here are much sought after in New Spain and CuraƧao.