Magic in Pirates & Zombies is primarily, though not exclusively, Voodoo based.   The Voodoo, or Vodoun, described here is MY take at creating a viable and interesting playing system.  I have, when ever possible, used actual terms, names and general descriptions.  How these things work, interact with people and their moral or religious interpretations are entirely my own creation.  No offense is intended to those who practice Vodoun in their lives.  No one should consider my descriptions or interpretations as being accurate, realistic or of value in any scholarly or interpretive way.
It may seem silly to have to stress this,  THESE PAGES ARE FOR A GAME, but I recently discovered other game pages I have created being cited by ‘scholars’ as valid source material for their research work!

Magic in Pirates & Zombies:

Magic, particularly Spell Casting, is under the control of the GM (Missiledine.)  Players can never be spell casters in P&Z.  This does not mean that they cannot and will not use magic.  But the magic that player characters will have access to will PRIMARILY be in the form of  charms, potions, weapons, books, scrolls, jewelry, candles and a variety of other objects.

Generally speaking, Magic in P&Z is more subdued then that seen in most Swords&Sorcery games. The ubiquitous Battle Mage, casting fireballs and lightning bolts, does not exist in P&Z. Most spell casters are focused on making items or casting lower profile spells that have more subtle effects on the subject. ‘Attack’ spells are Curses that can affect the subjects health and well being, but are not likely to blow him up.


Rootwork Magic