Whom amongst you have not heard the tales?
Tales from an age of Tall Ships and bloody deeds.
When the fate of Empires rested on the edge of a cutlass, and fortunes were won and lost in a blast of cannon and a rattle of muskets.
Buccaneers, Corsairs, Gentlemen of Fortune, Sea Wolves, Pirates. Call them what you will.
Roberts, Teach, Lowe, England, Avery and others.
They wrote their names large in the pages of history and stained the seas red with blood.
It was a time of violence, adversity and dark, dark deeds.

But all was not as it seems.
Some tales have never been told, and some have not been told fully.
Much that was true has been forgotten,  pages lost from the books of history.
Truths ignored by the scribes or edited by the fearful.

Whom amongst you knows not the stories?
From a time long ago, or perhaps that has never been.
Told in whispers to frighten children, but in your bones you know them true.
Ghosts and Ghouls, Witches and monsters.
Laugh not!
For whom amongst you has not feared the dark?
Trembled at a shadow on a lonely road or started in fear at the bump in the night?
Have you seen the fire on the distant hill?
Heard the drums and pipes across the water?
Have you wondered?
Did you shiver?
Whom amongst you has not feared the dark?

All is not as it seems.