Game Rules

Pirates & Zombies is a play by post, role playing game set in a semi fictional 18th century Caribbean and an age of Tall Ships, Piracy, Voodoo, Muskets and Magic.
Play a pirate, an officer of the Royal Navy, an Agent for the Company, a shady merchant, a rum runner, a Revenue Officer, smuggler, wrecker or a Pirate Hunter.  Create your own or play an existing character.

The Characters   This IS NOT a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ game!  Yes, it is about pirates. Yes it takes place in the Caribbean. Yes its the right time frame.  Yes there is magic involved.  BUT characters from POTC (I, II and III) ARE NOT allowed.

ALL characters must be approved by the Game Master prior to being played in the game. This is to ensure that we do not have ship loads of the same type of character running around and that the character and their back ground is compatible with the story. It is strongly suggested that you read the profiles for active characters and listed NPCs before you begin playing to get an idea of existing characters and the flavor of the game.

Do not make your characters god like and perfect!  People are not infallible and all knowing, neither should be your characters.

The Rules
Play will be on Discord with Voice Chat OR by email/posting via
You MUST be invited to join P&Z Channel on Discord. Contact Missiledine@ to be invited.
Membership is open to all ages.  Please keep posts in a PG format.  No explicit sexual content.  If in doubt post a warning in the header. Example: Adult Content
This is NOT free form.  The Game Master (Missiledine) sets the plots and controls the events.
This is a ROLE PLAYING GAME, not a Sim.  If you don’t understand the difference, ask!
Do not God Mode.  Do not assume that you know what is going to happen or what another player or an important NPC (Non Player Character) is going to do or say.
(Understand and recognize the difference between minor NPCs and major NPCs.  The difference is crucial to how you interact with them.  A minor NPC, like the barman at the pub is treated differently then the Governor’s secretary or the Governor himself.  The difference is best determined by how detailed the NPCs description is, the amount of backstory attached to the character and whether or not the NPC has the power to kill or otherwise harm or affect the PC (Player Character.)  When in doubt, Ask the GM

Using Discord
Gaming sessions will be scheduled and posted in the appropriate Channel. Although I will make every effort to accommodate schedules, what works for the GM and the majority of players is what will (usually) prevail.

IF posting text via io, Write your posts in third person present.  For example, ‘Captain Black slams his palm on the bar and bellows “Rum! Bring me the rum and be quick about it ye dog!”  is correct. ‘I move to the bar and call for rum.’ is not correct.
When responding to an ongoing post add your portion at the bottom of the last post OR, in the case of events that are in sequence, right after and immediately below the appropriate point in the narration.  Do NOT place your post at the top of the page.
An ideal posting rate is two per week.  It is understood that life sometimes intervenes.  If you cannot sustain a rate of at least one post a week please advise the GM.
One line posts are not appreciated by anyone.  Write at least a paragraph.
Stick to the language and spirit of the times.  Avoid use of anachronistic remarks.
Do not assume the events of real world history hold true here.
Do not Flame!  If you do you will receive one warning, then you will be removed and your character turned into an NPC.
Keep the OOC (Out Of Context) remarks to a minimum and either mark the entire post or the appropriate section as OOC:

The GM is always right!!