History vs the Game

I have made an effort to be historically accurate in regards to people, places, events, devices, technology and the general background used in the game. Obviously some aspects are not necessarily accurate, and certain plot elements have required a few historical changes.
As I have mentioned elsewhere, do not rely on historical knowledge to predict events after the start of the game.

The following is a partial list of differences between the ‘real’ history of the Caribbean in the 18th century and the game history.

Port Royal
Though the city suffered extensive damage in the earthquake of 1692 it was rebuilt and revitalised. The devastating fire of 1703 DID NOT OCCUR in the game history, leaving Port Royal a strong, vibrant economy.

The pirate Jack Rackham did not become a captain and meet Anne Bonney and Mary Read until 1719. For game purposes these events were moved back to early 1717.
The British Man O’ War, ‘Sovereign of the Seas’ renamed ‘Royal Sovereign’ was destroyed by fire in 1696. In the game she is still in service in 1717.

The Somers Island Company, which was chartered in 1616 to develop Bermuda, ceased to exist in 1684. In the game it is still in operation and continues to run Bermuda. Cadwalleder Jones, one of the most blatantly corrupt Governors of New Providence, and who was arrested and then vanished from sight in 1692, is still around. Though no longer a Governor he is a very wealthy landowner/merchant with ties to pirates.


Pirates & Zombies is not for profit or personal gain, but was created solely for the entertainment, pleasure and a small degree of education of those who play.

The game ‘Pirates & Zombies’ has been a slow work in progress for a number of years. It is impossible at this point to list all the books, movies and internet sites that provided inspiration, information and data. Accordingly I am listing what I can still find and remember.


“On Stranger Tides” A novel written by Tim Powers in 1988. It was reprinted in 2006 by Babbage Press.
THE major influence in creating this game.

“The Sack of Panama: Sir Henry Morgans Adventures on the Spanish Main.” By PETER EARLE. New York: Viking Press, 1982.
A major source of factual information for the game.

“Treasure Island” By Robert Louis Stevenson
An important source of inspiration and ‘feel.’

“The Dark Frigate” By Charles Boardman Hawes

“Under Drake’s flag: A Tale of the Spanish Main” By George Alfred Henty Another source of inspiration and ‘feel.’

“The Buccaneers and Marooners of America: Being an Account of the Famous Adventures And Daring Deeds of Certain Notorious Freebooters of the Spanish Main” by Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin, Charles Johnson – 1891
A factual (?) historical book.

“THE PIRATES OWN BOOK Authentic Narratives of the Most Celebrated Sea Robbers.” by Charles Ellms Originally published 1837
A factual (?) historical book.

“The Little Bombardier and Pocket Gunner” London: T Egerton; 1801.

“The Economic History of Britain Since 1700 Volume 1” By Roderick Floud

Steve Jackson Games, GURPS Swash Bucklers 3rd edition

GURPS Hi Tech 3rd edition

GURPS Magic 3rd edition

GURPSReligion 3rd edition

Web Sites

Wikipedia:  An important source for general information


Information on ships


Life at Sea


The Spanish Main


The French Colonial Empire


Pirates and Piracy


Food, Fashion, Firearms, etc


Money & Economics




Information on the Slave Trade


Magic & Voodoo