Captain Miguel Henriquez
Capt Henriquez

Capt Miguel Henriquez


Captain Miguel Henriquez (c. 1680), born in Puerto Rico.

Henriquez, a mulatto, was a shoemaker by occupation. Until, in the latter years of the 17th century, Henriquez decided to try his luck as a pirate. He has intercepted English merchant ships and other ships the seas of Puerto Rico and the Atlantic Ocean in general.

During the war he organized an expeditionary force which fought and defeated the British in the island of Vieques. Henriquez was received as a national hero when he returned the island of Vieques back to the Spanish Empire and to the governorship of Puerto Rico.

In recognition for his services, the Spanish Crown, under the order of King Philip V, awarded Miguel Henriquez with “La Medalla de Oro de la Real Efigie” (The Gold Medal of the Royal Effigy) in 1713 and named him Captain of the Seas and Land, The Spanish Crown also gave him a special permit to do his pirate activities in the name of Spain. The letter of marque and reprisal granted him the privileges of privateer.

Since the end of the war Henriquez has surrendered his letters of Marque and now operates under license from the Crown as a  pirate hunter.

Henriquez is one of the richest men in Puerto Rico. He owns five ships and has at least 500 men working for him.
Captain Henriquez’s fleet includes an 8 gun single masted sloop, a 12 gun single masted sloop, an 18 gun Barque, a 26 gun  two masted sloop of war and a 32 gun  square rigged merchant ship.