Captain Jhanos
Captain Jhanos

Captain Jhanos

Perhaps the worst of all the pirates. As cold blooded as Flint as sadistic as Lowe and more frightening then Blackbeard. Jhanos is widely regarded as the smartest most cunning, experienced and evil of all the pirate captains.

Jhanos has been operating in the Caribbean, with side trips to Madagascar and beyond, longer then any other pirate alive. Rumors and tales of his career, and death, date back to Henry Morgan and the Buccaneers of the Brethren Coast. Legend says that he sailed with Largo  in 69, as Largo’s first mate, Jhanos participated in Morgan’s raid on the Maracaibo lagoon. He was present at the sack of Maracaibo and the brutal rape of Gibraltar. During the battle to get clear of the lagoon, Jhanos captained the fire ship that sailed against the Spanish galleon, ‘Magdelena’ and such was his prowess that Morgan and the other Captains voted to give him his own ship from the pick of the next lot captured.

In 1670, Captain Jharnos and his sloop “Needle” sailed with Morgan on the star crossed Panama raid. Like many of the thirty five captains who sailed with Morgan, Jharnos was infuriated by the poor take, despite the gruelling ordeal and pitched battles. When Morgan deserted the other Captains, leaving them to explain the measly take to their crews, Jharnos felt betrayed and forever after cursed Morgan’s name.

Jhanos is rumored to have spent years living with the Boccurs of Jamaica and Hispaniola, sometimes disappearing into the jungles for a decade or more. In 73 he abandoned the Needle to his crew and waded ashore on Hispaniola to vanish again into the mountains in his dark quest for knowledge. Rumor has it that he has learned more of the Art of Vodoun then any other European ever.

He resurfaced in 84, and fought a storied duel with seven French buccaneers in the streets of Tortuga. Legend says he killed five before the sixth grappled him to the ground and the seventh cut off his head. Then, in 86, or so the story goes, in Port Royal, Jhanos stalked into the tavern where the two surviving buccaneers were drinking. The frightened men gibbered in horror as the ‘Dead’ Captain Jhanos, with a bright red scar around his neck, drew his sword and slashed each through the heart.

Sceptics doubt that the Captain Jhanos of today and the one from the tales are the same person. They speculate that another man, another pirate, has assumed the old Jhanos’ identity for the dread and prestige that go with the name. Were he the original Captain Jhanos he would be at least seventy years old, whereas the current Jhanos can’t be more then forty.  These same sceptics laugh at the tales of Zombies and Duppies as well.

Captain Jhanos' colors

Captain Jhanos’ colors


Jhanos’ current ship is the ‘Razza Moon’ a powerfully armed galleon mounting fifty guns.  He has commanded the Razza Moon since 99 when he took her from the Spanish off Honduras.  Remarkably fast for a ship its size, the Razza Moon is probably the most powerful pirate ship operating in the Caribbean.

The Razza Moon

Razza Moon

The Razza Moon (50 guns  172 total crew)

Key crew members of the Razza Moon

Jhanos, Captain Razza Moon
Karl Hume, Quarter Master

Drew Sinclair, Gunner
Warren Longwood, carpenter
Bhenga and Mhmbokka, The ‘Twins’ Twin brothers and escaped slaves
Hachirou, Ronin Samurai, Jhanos’ bodyguard
Bran McCraw, bosun
Peter Oley
Alan March
Seth Gilbert
Kyle Roberts

There are 160 other pirates in the Razza Moon’s crew


In addition to the Razza Moon, Jhanos has command of two schooners that sail under his colors.  They have their own Captains but they obey Jhanos and give a percentage of their take to him.


Schooner Brideshead (28 guns  68 total crew)
Curt Ulver, Captain Brideshead
Nathan Young, bosun
George Trachen, gunner
Evan Heart, carpenter

There are 64 other pirates in the Brideshead’s crew

Schooner Starbuck (34 guns 74 total crew)
Andrew Durring, Captain Starbuck
Peter Grey, bosun
Ethan Zook, gunner
Joseph Zook, carpenter

There are 70 other pirates in the Starbuck’s crew