"Tangaroa is his name, but mostly we call im Tanga. A little fella, but fit as they come anna chest like a barrel. He swims like a bloody fish and holds is breath for what seems forever. He stays down so long yer sure es gone and drowned, then up eh pops like a bleedin cork."  

"Tanga and I met in St Mary's when I was gunner fer Cap'n Chivers. He was just a youngster, a slave taken by the Moghuls, on one of the ships we took with the Soldado. We took em in and he was part of the crew when Chivers scuttled the New Soldado in the harbor at St Mary's. Later he came with me when I signed with Cap'n Jennings."

The Polynesian pearl diver does not speak English at all and knows only a smattering of Spanish.  Only McDonald and his nephew, John D'Andrew, seem to be able to speak to Tanga in his native language. The story that McDonald tells is that Tanga was enslaved by the Spanish as a pearl diver and was freed when Captain Chivers, the famous Dutch pirate with whom McDonald sailed, took the ship Tanga was imprisoned on.

Tanga can easily dive ten fathoms (60 feet) or more.  He handles a musket fairly well, favoring a musketoon, and carries a hanger sized Kris blade.  He also has a blow pipe which he is very skilled with.

Tangas kris