Combination Weapons

Combination weapons.  It is not uncommon to find guns built into swords, daggers, axes ans similar weapons.  It is also common to find pistols and blunderbusses with spring loaded or manually deployed bayonets.

Axe Gun
This axe gun fires a medium sized pistol ball

Boarding Axe combo
This axe gun fires a heavier musketoon round

pistol gagger
The pistol dagger shoots a light, 30 to 45 cal, ball from what is a pocket pistol.

Pistol dagger

This short sword has a 50 cal pistol mounted to it.

sword gun 2

Bayonets for muskets are detachable and can be used as a hand weapon.  Bayonet pistols have spring loaded or manually extended stabbing blades on them.   Such mountings are not as robust as a socket bayonet but can save your life in a pinch.

Bayonet pistol2

Bayonet Pistols3

Bayonet pistol

Grenades and grenade launchers

The standard hand grenade is a small, hollow iron ball with a hole  The hollow sphere is filled with black powder.
The hole is fitted with a  tube of cane, wood or bamboo that allows a fuse to be inserted.
Improvised grenades are common.  typically a bottle or jug filled with black powder and nails or musket balls and fitted with a fuse. 
In either case, once the fuse is lit the grenade is then thrown by hand.  It will detonate in about ten seconds.  Give or take.

Standard grenade

Grenade launchers are a special blunderbuss like weapon designed to simultaneously ignite the fuse of the ball grenade and launch it to a greater distance then it can be thrown by a man.  One concern with this weapon is that in the event of a misfire, where the grenade fails to launch but the powder in the pan flashed, there is the question as to whether or not the grenade's fuse lit.

  Grenade Launcher
 Grenade Launcher

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