Hans Friehoff MacDonald

Hans MacDonald
Hans McDonald

"My name is Hans Friehoff McDonald. Me mother was an Antwerp girl, me father a Scott sailor. I sailed from Antwerp at age ten and ah've been a sailor all me years. A lifetime afore the mast eh. Well, I've sailed under a dozen captains including Chivers, I was with him when he scuttled the New Soldado at St Mary's. Me last voyage, on the Account as it were, was with Jennings. T'was then I lost me legs, and aft which I took the Pardon, all proper and legal."

"I was Master Gunner fer Cap'n Jennings on that last voyage and a fine bit of glint we took that trip an me share as gunner an fer me stilts, set me up fine enough. But now me purse is flat and I'd like to fill it anew."

NOTE: Chivers was a Dutch pirate/privateer, now retired and pardoned. St Mary's is a known pirate port in Madagascar and the scuttling of the 'New Soldado' (Chiver's ship) was done to block the entry of British Navy frigates and buy time for Chivers, and others, to escape.e was Master Gunner for Jennings and Master Gunner an Quartermaster for Chivers, but he has never stood for Captain

McDonald made his fortune, and lost his legs, on a voyage with Jennings to raid the Spanish that were raising treasure from the Flota. Jennings and his ship the Bersheba and John Wills with his ship the Eagle joined forces.
Together they had almost four hundred men and staged a land and sea attack on one of the Spanish base at Palmar de Ais where they were salvaging the Urca de Lima. The attack was a complete success and they took a fortune in treasure. Barely any casualties and very little fighting. After the raid the two ships went their separate ways. The Bersheba then encountered a Spanish merchantman and Jennings got greedy. The merchant ship put up an unexpectedly hard fight, that is where McDonald lost his legs.

McDonald has a tavern in Port Royal, a hundred or two acres of sugar cane in the interior and a pleasure house in Kingston across the harbor.
McDonald's tavern in Port Royal is “The Feathers”. It is located on New Street about a block back from the docks, in an area of town that lies between the commercial docks and the military docks. It is a three story building set at the corner of a small plaza. The first floor is the tavern while the second and third floors, judging from the various clothing items hung to dry from the windows and balconies, seems to be occupied by women.
The tavern has a number of small tables and chairs outside the building, under a shady pergola along the plaza side.
The inside of the Feather's tavern is dark and cool. The floor and walls of stone keep out much of the Caribbean heat. A glance around shows about two dozen customers, seated at twelve or fifteen tables. The custom are clearly common sailors, not Captains or officers.