Filipe Fernandes Vidal of Amadora

                                                   Filipe Vidal

"I am Filipe Fernades Vidal of Amadora.  I gutted Dutch pigs at both the battles of Guararapes.  And Inglees pigs at Macau.  I have been as you see me since before you were born.  I was born in the year of Our Lord, sixteen hundred and twenty four it was sixteen sixty five when my body was taken from me by a heathen sorcerer in Aboraas on the Costa Ouro "

Amadora is a town in Portugal

The two Battles of Guararapes occurred in Pernambuco Brazil in 1648 and 1649, during the Dutch conquest of Portugese Brazil.  They were both Dutch defeats.  The Dutch are now out of Brazil.

Costa Ouro  'Gold Coast,' East Africa.  A central area of the slave trade.