The Alida

“Alida”  Greek for Winged Woman.
Length: 83.665 feet Breadth: 24.279 feet Draft 12 feet
Maximum Capacity: 150 crew and passengers
The Alida is a Dutch built 'Snau' or Snow rigged Brigantine

2 Swivels, detachable base's 5ounce ball or pistol balls: Each gun weighs 200lbs and
 is 4.5 feet long. They have a flat range of 290 feet and a maximum range of 2,900 feet.
There are six mounting posts set for the guns, two forward (port and starboard)
Two midships (port and starboard) and two aft (port and starboard.) The guns require
two men to set up and operate. One can be mounted on the long boat.

14 Guns 7 per broadside = 9lb Sakers: Each gun weighs 2,000lbs and is 10 feet long
They have a flat range of 841 feet and a maximum range of 8,410 feet

The Crew