The quietest and most enigmatic of the former pirates, is the shaven headed black man who the others call 'George' or,  occasionally, they can be overheard referring to him as 'HooDoo' or 'Hounsi' though they never call him that directly.

George wears numerous necklaces and bracelets with a fascinating assortment of pouches, bags, carved bones, stones, bits of wood, colored cords, unusual feathers, shells, keys, medallions and other odd bits of junk attached to the jewelry and his belt. So numerous are the gew-gawsthat he actual has an almost musical jingle as he walks. It is difficult to draw George into a conversation, when he does speak it is in monosyllables and odd bits of doggerel and rhyme.
George is a superb cook and handles musket, pistol and cutlass well.  He favors an old, battered, locally manufactured cutlass of a kind that are made by Maroons and runaways in the back hills of Jamaica or Hispaniola.

Georges cutlass