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Don Diego Isambero De La Garza

Don Diego
Don Diego Isambero De La Garza

Don Diego

A prosperous member of an old family that has fallen out of favor at Court.  He is living in self imposed exile on his estates at La Ceiba.  He has done well for himself, but it is said that his son, who remains in Spain, spends it as fast as his father makes it.
Don Diego is a Naturalist and possesses a keen mind.  His reputation for avarice in regards to the creatures and specimans he collects (and to a slightly lesser extent the coin to pay for the same) is well known throughout the Main.  The Don pays well for oddities and the exotic.  He also sends animals back to Spain to entertain the Court and help build favor.

The main courtyard of the Don's La Ceiba residence has been remade as an outdoor menagerie.   Within the walls can be found Caimen, Capybara, Jaguar, Armadillo, Monkeys, Sloth, Anteaters, Porcipine and other animals native to North, South and Central America.  Those creatures that do not survive in captivity are rendered, through the Taxidermist art, into permanent displays in the Don's museum; located just off the courtyard.

A selection from the Don's menagerie...

Jaguar           anteater

Capybara           Armadillo                                

The Don's Museum

The bulk of the Don's museum collection consists of preserved animals, plants, unusual rocks and minerals, fish and shells.   Though the Don's interest is primarily that of a Naturalist, he has collected many odd artifacts from the native populations as well.

By far the single most unusual specimen in the Don's museum; the one that is placed center stage to draw ones eye and attention is this...